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Tianyi Lane (valley) (天一巷)

The meaning of Tianyi Lane is most marvellous Lane (valley) in world, original name of Tianyi Lane (valley) scenic spot was cow Nose zhai (the meaning of zhai is Castle, village or a small flat ground on top of hill) Because there are a lot of stone holes in the cliff which shape is like cow nose, hence the name of cow Nose zhai, The innate stone lanes (valley) are the main feature of this scenic spot, there are nine “ one line in sky (一线天)”  in  this spot, so in year 2004, changed name to Tianyi Lane. The main spots are Tianyi Lane (Sky Lane), Yuxian Lane (Meeting god lane), Mati Lane (Horseshoe Lane), Xianren bridge (God bridge ), Yuxian bridge (Meeting god bridge), Baizhang cliff (Hundred meters cliff ) and moon light rock.

Tianyi Lane is called marvellous lane in the world, which is 238.8 meters in length, stone wall in two sides of way is more from 80 meters to 120 meters in height. the widest of lane is 0.8 meter and the most narrow of lane is 0.33 meter. When walking along the lane you must shudder because everywhere is dark, there is only a light from sky on the stone wall, the colorful ray panorama can be seen above. You have to marvel at nature's masterpiece. In addition, the Yuxian Lane (Meeting god lane), Mati Lane (Horseshoe Lane) are criss-cross, narrow alley and quiet environment, the bamboo both sides.

There is has been army camp in the southeast corner of Tianyi Lane, which built by Yi king Shidakai of Taiping Rebellion in Qing Dynasty , the city wall and city gat can been seen.

Location: Located in Langshan town Xinning County Hanan province. Traffic: It is about 190 kilometers away from Guilin, taking bus to Xinning, Wugang in the Guilin bus station, get off bus in Langshan Danxia square and Langhu street. Tickets: 50yuan   visit time:2 hours Open time: 8:00—17:00  More large scenery photo

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